Tonight's episode of Community will feature a guest appearance by Malcolm McDowell and a German theme. We've already seem some photos from the episode, now we have a clip to go with them, which checks in with a certain Changtastic character, who appears to be going through a bit of an identity crisis, in the literal sense.

The clip from "Alternative History of the German Invasion" has the Dean checking in with Chang (or "Kevin") and his therapist as they attempt to sort out Chang's amnesia issues.

Since when is there a rule about unbalanced nut jobs on the Greendale campus? Where this "Kevin" story is leading remains to be seen. It seems almost completely disconnected with the rest of the story, but sooner or later, it seems likely that it'll tie in somehow.

"Alternative History of the German Invasion" will have the study group starting their History class (actual school!). Malcolm McDowell is guest starring as professor Noel Cornwallis, the European History teacher. The episode will also mark the return of the German students that Shirley and Jeff faced off against last season in an epic foosball battle. German appears to be a pretty major theme for this episode, as evidenced by the photos we shared, which you can view here.

Community airs Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET on NBC.

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