I'm not in the habit of covering web series... in fact, I'm not really in the habit of watching web series apart from the few 'blockbusters' (if I can even use that when discussing web series) like Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog, Felicia Days' The Guild or even Clark Duke and Michael Cera's (so originally titled) Clark and Michael (oh, and if Funny or Die series count you can definitely throw Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis and The Jeannie Tate Show in the queue as well).

What's the point of this rambling? I'll probably watch more web series once the talent and production values make them worth watching... Which brings us to this new web series, Divine. Zap2It reports that the show is being produced by Vancouver based Maple Blood Productions and will debut this summer on the Divine's YouTube Page. The teaser (below) shows some definite promise, especially for those who would label themselves Supernatural fans.

I make the connection to the Vancouver shot show about a couple of brothers and their dealings with the occult because series regular Misha Collins (you may know him as Castiel) is co-creator and producer of Divine as well as showing up in the recurring role of Father Christopher. The other creator is Supernatural's visual effects supervisor Ivan Hayden.

Official synopsis from the Divine website...

"A young priest must come to terms with his crisis of faith or risk damnation to the soul of a living miracle. With man's freewill held in the balance, the bloody conflict surrounding the immortal being known as Divine will take him further into his religion than ever he dreamed possible"

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