The Following delivered a particularly suspenseful episode last night. If you aren't caught up on the Fox thriller through Episode 5 ("The Siege"), read no further! If you have, then you know the show left off with a pretty fantastic cliffhanger this week. See what's going in in next Monday's "The Fall" in the preview ahead!

Joey's situation was front and center in last night's episode. The kid, who hadn't yet figured out he was kidnapped, managed to get to a phone to give his mother a ring and ask her to come pick him up. As dramatic and suspenseful as this scene was, I had to laugh a bit, realizing that Joey managed to secure this opportunity because Emma, Paul and Jacob were too busy dealing with the morning-after portion of their threesome. Hey kidnappers! Stop obsessing over your drama and remember you're supposed to be watching some kid and dealing with the girl tied up in the basement. Is it wrong that I find their lack of focus and dedication to their responsibilities irritating? I'm not supposed to be on their side, I realize, and it could be argued that their emotional vulnerability is probably what put them in this situation to begin with, but honestly...

It's at this point that I should also probably admit that I was yelling "Shut up!" at Megan (a.k.a. girl in the basement) when Ryan came upon her later in the episode. And I didn't blame him for putting the tape back over her mouth. In all fairness, she was scared and desperate to be released. But still, shut up Megan! I need to work on my compassion.

Moving back to Joey's phone call, it was a major lead for Ryan, putting him in the area of the farm house and close enough to track the next lead, which came when Joey escaped the house and managed to alert the neighbors of his presence. They were quick to notify the police, but not quick enough to escape Paul. The damage was done though and it was only a matter of time before Ryan and local-cop found the farm house. Two minor characters were introduced and eventually killed off, providing a bit more blood to the episode, without costing the show any recurring characters. Rest in peace Hank and local cop.

That brings us to the preview for next week. "The Siege" left off with Ryan standing at the foot of the stairs, looking up at Joey and soon finding himself with a gun at the back of his head. Spoiler alert: he doesn't die right then and there! The promo suggests a stand-off as backup arrives...

"And his spine will be cracked."

Hardy says none of them will be getting out of there. Emma points out that the same goes for Hardy. Now, I'm thinking Hardy will get out of there. Because it's the first season and this isn't Game of Thrones. But will Emma, Paul and Jacob all survive? Will they escape somehow? There are a number of outcomes here, including one or all of them getting arrested and interrogated. Of the three of them, Jacob seems to be the most vulnerable, especially considering he hasn't actually killed anyone yet. That seems like it should factor into this whole thing even more than it has.

We'll find out when "The Fall" airs Monday, February 25 at 9:00 p.m. ET on Fox.

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