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Maybe most girls don’t sit naked in a bathtub eating a cupcake while their BFF sits nearby shaving her legs, but I’m sure plenty eat frozen yogurt and ponder the rules of dating and the validity of self-help book advice. That’s what we have to watch from this Sunday night’s episode of Girls, titled “Vagina Panic.”

As someone who probably read too many Cosmo articles and self-help books on relationships, sex and love back during my own early twenties, I can relate to this scene a bit more than I did the bathtub cupcake conversation.

What’s especially interesting about the conversation is less about what’s read from the book but how Jessa and Shoshanna disagree over who “the ladies” are. It calls to question the book and the advice they’re being given, as though it applies to all women and all relevant situations. What will Hanna take away from all of this? And will it affect how she deals with her own sexual/romantic issues?

Girls airs Sundays at 10:30 p.m. ET on HBO.

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