Homeland is probably under more pressure and scrutiny than any other series on television and yet still seems to satisfy the critics week in and week out. Well, most of the critics. The Showtime drama is still tremendously entertaining and intense but has slowly been leaving the realm of realism by stretching the story's believability. Will this Sunday's "A Gettysburg Address" return the show to more solid ground?

Last week's "Q&A" featured moments as good as anything from the first season with Damian Lewis and Claire Danes both delivering phenomenal performances but also contained a new thread involving the former's daughter that borders on the ridiculous. And while the preview for "A Gettysburg Address" showed Dana and Finn's (regrettable) hit and run thread continuing, thankfully these two clips focus on the CIA side of the drama. Even if Carrie's involvement is a stretch too. Not to mention Brody coming to work for the CIA but that's "The Deal"...

That's certainly the most subdued scene of the two leads that we've seen in some time. And Brody and Carrie both calmly embarking on the deal that has been struck also means having the awkward discussion about Jess. Carrie did say something about leaving her and the kids to be together. Like I said, awkward. The next clip has Carrie and Saul also in a calm discussion, with the latter trying to reassure the former that they all trust her judgement... now. Take a look.

Homeland airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime. It stars Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, Mandy Patinkin and Morena Baccarin. It was adapted for American television by Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon from the Israeli series Prisoners of War (or Hatufim) by Gideon Raff.

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