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We’re still months away from the return of Showtime’s excellent drama series Homeland, but that doesn’t mean the pay-cable channel thinks it’s too early to start teasing us about it. The latest teaser offers no glimpses of what’s ahead for the terrorism-focused drama series, but it does remind us that there are a few pretty significant unanswered questions.

Just in case your memory’s already a little rusty on the events of the first season of Homeland, this teaser breezes through the highlights, including Carrie’s major meltdown (and Claire Danes’ truly outstanding performance), and the chilling sight of Damian Lewis’ Nicholas Brody putting on that vest. Check out the Season 2 teaser below!

Spoiler warning: If you haven’t seen or finished Season 1 of Homeland, there are spoilers in this video!.

As the teaser notes, not everything was revealed. In fact, there are some pretty major unanswered questions to be explored in Season 2. Who has the video of Brody’s confession/explanation? What happened to the vest? Who’s the mole inside the U.S. government? Will Carrie remember that she realized Brody knew Abu Nazir’s son? (And if so, will she be in the position to do anything about it?) The last question seems like the most obvious: Is it over? It is so not over.

Homeland Season 2 premieres September 30, 2012.

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