It wasn't that long ago that we last saw Timothy Olyphant on FX thanks to a great cameo on the network's fantasy football comedy The League but it doesn't really compare to getting to see the actor grace the small screen in his ten gallon as U.S. Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens. The Season 3 finale of Justified was months ago and it feels like forever since we last saw Elmore Leonard's lawman touting his shotgun in an attempt to clean up his childhood home of Harlan Country.

The wait is almost over as FX has scheduled the fourth season of Justified to premiere just after the new year on January 8 which means it's past time the network started promoting. There have only been a few short teases released so far but they perfectly capture the mood, atmosphere and tone of the hard boiled series. This first tease is called "Headlights" and, according to FX, "In Harlan County, your greatest enemy may be standing right in front of you"...

Yeah. Just seeing Raylan's silhouette strut towards Boyd gives me chills and makes the month wait for the premiere seem even longer. And if that tease wasn't good enough, take a look at "Muzzle" because "In Harlan County, there's no still in the night." Okay, forget the cryptic captions from FX, the spot is just plain rad with them playing a messed up game of gun flash hide and seek. "Hey Boyd."

Justified Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, January 8 at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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