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Rumor has it, Mark-Paul Gosselaar has been signed on to play a role in the next season of Showtime’s Weeds. Read no further if you don’t want to know the specifics of his role!

According to E!’s Kristin Dos Santos, the former Saved By the Bell star has been cast to play a “rough-around-the-edges local bar owner who serves Nancy more than just a drink (wink, wink).”

I know I’m not alone in having grown up thinking Zack Morris (Gosselaar’s role in SBTB) was the height of cool. Gosselaar’s done other things since his SBTB days (including TNT’s legal drama Raising the Bar), but I still think of the guy as the high-haired, bleach-blonde kid whom Slater affectionately referred to as “Preppie.” So it’s kind of hard to picture him becoming bed-buddies with Nancy, even for one episode. Then again, picturing a bed in the equation seems like an overestimation of what the encounter will probably be like, if we consider some of Nancy’s more memorable steamy moments from seasons past (most of which involve her getting thrown up against something).

Perhaps we won’t be able to look at Zack Morris the same after Gosselaar’s appearance on Weeds.

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