With December 10 less than a week away, HBO continues to offer reminders that the premiere of Mel Brooks Strikes Back! is approaching. We've seen a few clips from the special, which has Brooks discussing his life and career, and now there's a poster to share with you, which includes the title and the words, "Behind every joke is a story."

If Mel Brooks has a story for every joke, he has a lot of stories. And as he's the man behind such classic comedies as Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein and Spaceballs, it should come as no surprise that he has a funny way of telling those stories. Here's one of the clips from the special, which features Brooks as he tells a story from his younger years.

What I love about the clip is that it presents this perfect image of Brooks as someone who has always been funny. A good sense of humor takes a bit of fine-tuning, but some people have a natural knack for getting a laugh and it's easy to imagine Brooks as being that kind of person. We're fortunate that he shared that gift by contributing to film history with some fantastic comedies.

Mel Brooks Strikes Back premieres Monday, December 10 and features Brooks as he engages with the audience and the interviewer Alan Yentob. Below is the poster for the special, which shows off a couple of Brooks' smiles.

Watch the trailer for Mel Brooks Strikes Back! here. And there are two other clips you can check out, here and here.

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