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Welcome back to the world of The Originals. The CW’s new supernatural drama has so far been filled with action, quick-witted dialogue and colorful characters, and during its midseason return, The Originals was bolder than ever, introducing us to numerous betrayals and ending with a surprise death. If you already caught last night’s episode, you can check out the preview for next week’s episode, “Apres Moi, Le Deluge,” above. If you haven’t yet caught the episode, there are spoilers, below.

I’m actually a little more shocked that Davina doesn’t seem emotionally distraught in the new preview. Klaus wreaked some havoc with poison and Marcel cut in just in the nick of time to save Davina, but not her pal and romantic interest, Tim. There’s been plenty of death on The Originals so far, but Tim’s passing probably hit the hardest. The character, after all, at least was given a name. Davina was not happy when last we left her, and in the new preview, she seems to have channeled her grief into a rage that controls her, rather than the other way around. We see her breaking vases and other trinkets, and we see the other major players in the series seeming a little put off by her actions, with Klaus making some snarky comments about her behavior.

Klaus actually has several great lines in the preview. He’s annoyed with Davina in one of those snippets, but in another, he chats with Father Kieren about his status as a leader in the New Orleans community. Klaus has been dealing with problems ever since he’s taken over. Last week, Rebekah joined up with Davina to make her own play for the city. I’m not sure that plot will go anywhere, but I’m also pretty sure Klaus isn’t the best guy to be holding the keys to the city.

There’s some more stuff in the preview involving the factions of witches and Hayley, the werewolf, who really, really needs to be given more stuff to do each week. Luckily, her betrayal of Elijah could cause some major problems for their budding almost-romance in the coming weeks. That, like most other things on The Originals, should be pretty fun to watch.

Throughout the past ten episodes, the alliances, behaviors, and motivations of most of the main characters have all changed. If there’s one thing we can count on with The Originals, it’s that all the major players will do whatever needs to be done to save their own skins or to make bids for control in New Orleans. It would be a tough world to actually be a part of, but it’s pretty awesome when we get to jump in and see how things play out for one hour each week.

You can catch episode 11 of The Originals when it airs on the CW next Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET. Additionally, check out new episodes of the freshman drama over at the network’s site.

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