There are only two episodes left in The Originals’ first season. No doubt the writers have something crazy planned to pump fans up for next year. So, expect this coming episode to set the stage for some drama. It’s entitled “The Battle Of New Orleans”, and as you can see in the above preview, it’s pretty explosive.

There is a war coming to the French Quarter. The interests of Marcel and the Mikaelsons no longer align. Klaus and company want to alter Hayley’s fate. Marcel wants to look out for the vampires. For now, it’s mostly tough talk and threats, but moving forward, it’s still unclear just how deadly and physical this promised war might be.

There is quite a bit still up in the air about The Originals and the path the show might take. There are some who really want to see Marcel and Klaus spend more time on the same team. They have a certain chemistry about them that’s more enjoyable when they’re getting along, but if they’re to peacefully co-exist over the long haul, they need to be united against a common enemy that will also stay for the duration. Exactly who that might be is anyone’s guess.

With a second season already ordered and enough buzz to feel good about episodes after that, creator Julie Plec and the writers really need to start thinking long-term about that Klaus and Marcel issue and a ton of others. They don’t need to come up with all of the answers now, but the show will greatly benefit from having an overall arc in place. That process should start with these final two episodes. Just as Parks And Recreation time hopped, the possibilities are almost endless for The Originals. They can set themselves up in anyway they see fit.

Right now, that trajectory seems to involve pushing Elijah and Hayley together. They finally kissed in the last episode and fan reaction has been gleeful to say the least. In addition, it seems ridiculous to think Klaus could actually get rid of all the vampires, but since the show isn’t going to want to paint him in a weak light, there’s no way Marcel will just triumph. Nothing about The Originals is ever simple, however. So, we’ll probably see a lot of back-and-forth on both of those ends.

The Originals airs on CW on Tuesday nights at 8 ET/ 7 CT.

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