Over the past few episodes, Klaus’ plan to re-take over New Orleans seemed to be chugging along. Then Davina stepped in, however, and Elijah was forced to remain inside his coffin. This week, things seemed to be looking up as Davina woke Elijah and toyed with him, while Klaus worked some tricks to get the little witchy woman on his side. The intrigue definitely isn’t over yet, though, and from the look of things, there will be a whole lot of fighting over Davina next week.

We know Davina has a storied and complicated backstory, but in the trailer for next week’s episode, “Saints and Sinners,” we get to see a few shots from her past come to life. Additionally, Marcel and Klaus are using their wits to talk smack for the umpteenth time; though this time, it seems to be less about who is king of the city and more about who has control of Davina. Marcel seems to think he has the little lady under lockdown, but he made a big mistake when he let her leave confinement and head to the music festival. Klaus already had the perfect opportunity to speak with her and make the next move on the chessboard that has become his and Marcel’s relationship.

Davina is the “ultimate weapon” and her character has been pretty intriguing over the first few episodes of The CW’s freshman drama. However, I’m a little bit surprised that the trailer for next week’s episode is almost entirely focused on her role. After all, there were some really interesting things going on with Hayley this week as she headed to that creepy doctor’s place in the middle of swamp country. The witches within the city—and I’m not just talking about Davina, have added an element of intrigue to the plot, as well. Some of the witches seem to just want to be able to practice again, while others have more sordid intentions. We’ll have to wait and see how things continue to pan out as the plot moves along throughout the season.

Not that they’re moving too quickly. For all Klaus has talked the talk about his family returning to their rightful place as the leaders of New Orleans, his madcap plan is moving pretty slowly. Luckily, there are still plenty of episodes to go.

The Originals airs on The CW Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET.

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