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It’s been over two weeks since we caught a new episode of TV’s best new spinoff series. Thus far, The Originals has offered fans an entertaining drama about life in New Orleans, amping up the plot with a coven of witches, a werewolf-vampire hybrid baby, and a set of Original vampires. Pacts and alliances have been made, lies have been told and now the show is about to keep fans at the edge of their seats with the series’ eighth episode, “The River in Reverse.”

Anyone who caught the first seven episodes of The Originals should know that the characters and their motivations have proven complicated. In a new town and a new environment, even the lives of characters like Klaus, Rebekkah and Elijah have proven to be different after they left The Vampire Diaries to move to a more historic city. For one thing, the stakes are higher and broader.

The preview for tonight’s episode makes a big point of noting that the characters (and the fans) will need to choose sides. We’ve known for a while that a war is brewing in New Orleans. The vampires hate the witches, the witches hate the vampires and the werewolves seem to be caught somewhere in the middle. Plus, besides the witches trying to find Davina to finish their awful sacrifice, there is still that foolish secondary war brewing between Marcel and Klaus. The former finally knows that Klaus impregnated a werewolf. The latter of whom really, really wants his town back and is ready to fight for it.

That’s pretty much most of what we get out of this preview. Klaus is a formidable opponent for anyone, but he has been getting more and more irked as the weeks have rolled on, and from the looks of things, his inner bloodlust has reached a breaking point. There are a lot of Fight Club-esque scenes that feature the vampire with blood around the mouth and he seems to be prepared to take down all of his opponents in New Orleans all by his lonesome. That’s something I’m guessing Elijah wouldn’t advise, but he’s never really been one to listen patiently to his brother.

We won’t have too long to find out. The Originals returns to the CW tonight at 8 p.m. ET. Stay tuned tomorrow for a look at next week. In the meantime, you can check out a clip from this week's episode below...

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