As part of a string of Canadian television series being picked up by American networks, The CW announced just the other day that it would be bringing CTV's The L.A. Complex south of the border. Six episodes of the hour long drama were picked up by the teen-skewing network and are destined for a summer run. However, since the show premiered in its 'home and native land' last night, there are already a few previews to get a taste of the series even though it won't air in the States for several months.

From Martin Gero, co-writer and director of the indie hit Young People Fucking, and the producers of the widely successful Canadian cross-over Degrassi, the The L.A. Complex is about a group of creative twenty-somethings who live in the same housing complex in Los Angeles. Let's hope the creativity displayed coming up with the title is not reflective of the kind of stories and characters we can expect from the series. One thing is for sure, the preview definitely makes the show look right at home on The CW. Watch the short spot courtesy of the CTV affiliate Much(Music).

The preview works rather nicely as an enticing tease for those who currently watch the other CW programs on the Canadian network (The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diaries and more air on Much) since the whole 'young and sexy' tone is pretty much copy and pasted. However, it does lack the ever-so-popular supernatural trappings that helped make those other programs instant successes. Do people want to watch normal, human teens as they struggle to make it in La La Land? We'll soon know how the show fares with Canadian audiences but The CW will have to wait until the summer to see if they picked a winner.

The L.A. Complex stars Jonathan Patrick Moore, Joe Dinicol, Andra Fuller, Chelan Simmons, Cassie Steele, Benjamin Charles Watson and Jewel Staite. It was created by Martin Gero.

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