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Raising Hope Preview: Nancy Grace Makes An Appearance

I always knew the Bijou Phillips serial killer-based plotline was going to come back to haunt the Chance family on Fox’s Raising Hope, but I was not certain how. Sure, the serial killer and Jimmy’s baby mamma was captured by the Chance family on the show and was executed soon after, leaving Jimmy with many questions about how to raise his little girl and what to tell her about her mother. Maybe after Nancy Grace asks the family a few questions, he’ll have less of a difficult time knowing what to tell Hope.

Spoilers ahead!

That’s right, folks, Nancy Grace is set to appear on tonight’s episode of Greg Garcia’s dysfunctional comedy. In this week’s episode, Grace won’t throw on a crazy disguise like earlier guest star Katy Perry; instead, she is set to play herself. Since Garcia enjoys making connections between former show My Name is Earl and Raising Hope, Grace will host a show within the show called Inside Probe, which also helped to solve a mystery regarding the crab shack back in the day. According to TV Line, the whole episode will be in mockumentary format and should be a lot of fun.

Tonight’s episode is a “to be continued” lead-in into next week’s Season 2 finale, which will feature a slew of this season’s guest stars, including Jaime Pressly and Ethan Supplee. As such the episode is a must-see if you plan to tune in next week. Until then, check out how Grace and Raising Hope will look in mockumentary format.

Raising Hope airs Tuesdays on Fox at 9:30 p.m. ET.