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Revenge Clips: Episode 10 - Emily Offers Amanda Something Very Useful In Loyalty

Last week, in the absence of a new episode of Revenge, we shared some photos and details about the plot of the next new episode. With just a few days until “Loyalty” airs this Wednesday night, we have some clips to share with you from the episode.

You can view the mentioned photos and episode description here. One of the things ABC’s official episode description includes is, “Emily questions Nolan's loyalty when she discovers a secret of his, but eventually uses it to her advantage in her battle against Tyler.” Does it have something to do with Nolan’s relationship with Tyler? What exactly is Nolan’s relationship with Tyler, anyway? It’s hard to tell from this clip, which features Tyler and Nolan talking about going on a trip together.

I really want to believe Nolan is too smart to get stuck in Tyler’s web of lies, but maybe, even knowing what a conman Tyler is, Nolan will (or already has) become attracted to the man’s sneakiness, which could definitely cause a problem for Emily.

?Speaking of causing problems for Emily, here’s a clip featuring her and Amanda talking to one another and it seems like Emily’s willing to play along with Amanda’s choice to assume her identity and lie to Jack about her background.

Anyone else hoping that Emily gave Amanda a fake diary filled with wrong information to throw her off? Or is Emily really going to try to help Amanda seduce Jack if it means protecting her revenge schemes and her own lies?

It’s also weird to hear her talking with Daniel about her real identity. “Amanda’s” presence certainly does raise that topic. I can’t wait until Victoria hears that Amanda Clarke is back in town!

Revenge airs Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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