As September approaches, we inch closer to the end of summer and the start of the fall season. And with the fall season comes the return of ABC's Revenge for its second season. What will Emily Thorne be getting up to in Season 2? This new piece of key art doesn't spoil anything, other than that she still looks determined for vengeance.

The sight of Emily VanCamp's Revenge character Emily Thorne standing in a dress of thorns isn't an unfamiliar one for fans of the ABC drama series, but as Emily is still a woman on a mission going into the series' second season, it seems fitting that she not change her dress. Here it is, courtesy of TVLine.

If we're getting technical, she's posed a bit differently in this one than she was in the poster for Season 1. This time she has her back to us, and there doesn't seem to be the faintest hint of the smile we saw from her in the original. But perhaps the most notable difference here is the background. The Season 1 poster had her set in front of a day-time sky. Here, the sky is red. A sign of bloody things to come? Or is Emily simply so determined to get revenge that we're all seeing red now?

As the poster notes, "Her next move" will be revealed on the series' new night, with Revenge moving from Wednesdays to Sunday nights starting this fall (September 30). And it'll be airing at 9:00 p.m., a full hour earlier than its Season 1 time slot.

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