Despite a four-month hiatus between Revolution’s winter finale and spring return, NBC has done a great job of keeping the network's popular freshman drama at the forefront, marketing often via outlets like Facebook and Twitter to remind people the show will be back soonish. During the show’s TCA panel this weekend, NBC released a teaser for the second half of the season that does a good job of reminding us where Revolution left off and where the series will pick back up.

The first minute or so of the trailer follows a recap of a lot of the stuff fans have already seen, that is, if they have been watching NBC’s futuristic drama regularly. However, as NBC’s smooth-talking voiceover guy begins teasing the return of Revolution on March 25, we get a few sneak peeks that introduce some heavier warfare, as well as a potential father-son rivalry, plenty of romantic moments, and the return of electricity to certain groups in the United States. Things are about to get crazy, and it’s a bit of a shame that we’re still more than two and a half months away from Revolution’s return.

According to TV Line, executive producers J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke believe the long-hiatus will allow the show to come back stronger and with fewer repeats during the spring season. According to today’s panel, Kripke feels the break has given the writers and crew time to really take a look at what has happened so far and what is to come, noting they've had “the ability to take a breath, look at what we’ve done and really analyze it. I think we did a lot of things right. But I felt like we could pick up the pace of the stunning revelations. “

More stunning revelations sounds great to me. Look for Revolution when it returns to the schedule on March 25.

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