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Coming to BBC America this fall is yet another made-for-TV take on the romantic relationship of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. The above photo is our first look at stars Dominic West and Helena Bonham Carter, who will play the title characters in Burton and Taylor, not (likely) to be confused with Lifetime's recent TV movie Liz & Dick, which aired last fall.

Made up as they are, the duo are almost unrecognizable but looking gorgeous. I'm particularly impressed with Carter's eyebrows, which are perfectly arched to suit the role. As for West, it's all about the hair and the turtleneck for the Wire star (who was recently cast in a Showtime pilot). They look the part, but how will the duo do in portraying this iconic couple? Given both actors reputations for great performances, signs point to something good here, but we'll have to wait and see.

BBC America's take on Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's relationship is written by William Ivory and is a BBC Drama Production for BBC Four, co-produced by BBC America. The 90-minute movie will follow their professional and private relationship, "played out against their ill-fated appearance in a 1983 revival of Noel Coward's stage play, Private Lives. Just the word "private" with regards to this couple rings of irony, given how public their on-again-off-again romance was.

All we have to look at right now is this great photo, but hopefully BBC America will offer up some video at some point this summer, to whet our appetites for the TV movie ahead of its fall debut.

© BBC/Gustavo Papaleo

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