Sons Of Anarchy Gets A September Return Date And A Violent Teaser

The new teaser for the upcoming sixth season serves two purposes. The first is that it tells us that the series will return on September 10, which you may note is less than two months away. The second is that it reminds us of the character chaos that ensued during the FX biker drama's fifth season. SAMCRO has faced its fair share of enemies and threats from the outside. But its worst conflicts may have come from within.

The teaser above was posted on the Sons of Anarchy Facebook page under the caption "Trouble comes from all directions." That and the teaser, which shows the bikers and "old ladies" of SAMCRO fighting with one another is a pretty big indication that infighting is going to play its part in the new season. It's 25 seconds of in-house mayhem and it's all very personal. Tara and Gemma are at each others' throats, while Jax and Clay are struggling, and we can see Bobby, Juice and Tigg also getting into it with the group. There's certainly enough bad blood among some of these characters for them to have cause for such aggression, but will it be at the expense of the club in the end? :

Sons fight

When things aren't getting violent for Sons, they're getting musical. As you may or may not know, Katey Sagal has a pretty amazing voice. If ever Kurt Sutter were inclined to do a musical episode, Sagal has the singing chops for it. A musical episode seems unlikely, but we have actually heard Sagal's voice on the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack, and the video below shows her and her band performing from the Sons of Anarchy Tour.

Sons of Anarchy was featured in a panel during Comic-Con on Sunday. If you missed it, FX has put some clips from the event online, including talk about Jax's future, Opie's death and whether or not it'll affect the characters going forward, and what losses might be in store in the upcoming season. Check them out in the playlist below:

Sons of Anarchy returns September 10 at 10:00 p.m. on FX.

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