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With NBC’s broadcast of The Sound of Music set to be live, it stands to reason that rehearsal footage is about as much as we can expect in terms of a sneak peek for the musical event. The new video offers us just that, teasing some of the classic songs and moments we’re all familiar with — well, assuming you’ve seen The Sound of Music on screen or stage.

Maybe I just assume that everyone grew up watching that movie over and over, and that we're all in agreement that Julie Andrews was perfection. It’s with that in mind that I’m still apprehensive about this live production of The Sound of Music. Does Underwood’s voice sound outstanding in that snippet of her singing “The Sound of Music”? Yes, the hills are most definitely alive. And “My Favorite Things” sounded just as good. But so much of what I love about the film was the chemistry that sparked between Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, and there’s no way to guaranty that we’ll see Underwood and Stephen Moyer connect just as well. All the same, realizing that we’re less than a month from the broadcast, I’m already starting to feel my apprehension give way to optimism. At the very least, the music should be good, right?

Here’s one of my favorite songs from the film:

Based on a stage production from Rodgers and Hammerstein — and inspired by an actual family — The Sound of Music is set in Austria just before World War II and centers on a nun-in-training with a love for music who’s encouraged to spend some time away from the abbey, which leads her to take a job as a governess to seven children of a widower Navy Captain. In addition to bringing music back to their lives, Maria falls for Captain von Trapp. Mary Martin played Maria in the original stage production, but it was Julie Andrews who made the role iconic, as the feature adaptation has been beloved by generations. Whether or not Underwood does the part justice, I’m sure plenty of people will be tuning in to watch the live production when it airs on NBC on Thursday, December 5.



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