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Those who never made it past the first few episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand may think the series is little more than a sword-and-sandals drama using every opportunity it can for nudity and violence. I’ll admit, I barely made it through the pilot episode for that reason, and only went back to it after encounters with many enthusiastic fans had me re-thinking my initial assessment. I’m not above being enticed by hype. Sure enough, beyond the blood and naked, there was a story developing there that doesn’t fully begin to emerge until about the fourth episode of the first season. By Episode 5 (“Shadow Games”), I was hooked.

While the series does offer a lot more in the way of story than one might assume, sex and gore are featured prominently, and you’ll see some of that in this teaser for Spartacus: Vengeance, which premieres tonight. The video below is a promo for the whole season and kicks off with a bit of gore that may actually be grosser than the face Gannicus gauged out at the end of Gods of the Arena. It also features the cast talking about the new season.

Two seconds in and someone's getting their face sliced off. Gross! Also, what the heck was that in Lucretia's hand?

There’s plenty to look forward to in tonight’s premiere. You can read Steve’s review here and keep an eye out for our post-episode breakdown tonight!

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