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Earlier today, we shared the unfortunate news that Starz' excellent drama series Spartacus would be coming to an end after next season's Spartacus: War of the Damned airs in 2013. Exciting title aside, it's disappointing that the show won't live beyond a fourth season. With that said, from what Steven DeKnight says in this video, it sounds like we're in for something truly epic.

From what series creator Steven DeKnight says in the video below, it sounds like they're looking to end the story on a very high note. Following his brief commentary on the conclusion of the series, we get a brief teaser as the title is put to good use…

Spartacus charges forward on horseback through a battlefield, slashing throats along the way and colliding with a small wall of Roman soldiers. The end begins January 2013 A.D. (the A.D. is a nice touch).

As for DeKnight's comments, I hope it's not too optimistic to think that War of the Damned might be the best season yet…
"In this next season, we're attempting something we've never attempted before. It is bigger, bolder than anything you've seen up to this point. In the past you've seen Spartacus with his band of rebels - forty, a hundred people. When you come back to the new season, to War of the Damned, you will see Spartacus with his army of thousands, facing Marcus Crassus with his army of fifty-thousand. It'll be epic on a scale you will not believe.

It certainly sounds like they're going bigger-scale for this last season. Whether that's a good thing or not remains to be seen, but it certainly sounds exciting!

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