Suburgatory Season 2 Cast Photo Has The Characters Boxed In

ABC's new promotional photo for the second season of Suburgatory puts all of the characters in their place… literally. And given the quirky nature of some of the characters, it seems fitting to divide them up by their interests and reputations for the Season 2 cast photo.

Going into the series' first season last fall, ABC had the city set against the suburbs in the Season 1 promotional photo, where father-daughter duo played Jeremy Sisto and Jane Levy were set in the city-themed center and surrounded by the supporting players in the suburb-portion of the image. The Season 2 photo divides its focus between all of the characters.

Given that we've had a season to get to know the characters, Suburgatory has become much more than a comedy about two city people trying to acclimate themselves to suburban living. Though they're all boxed in in the above photo, the picture does offer some reminders of the who the characters are. George is the dad and architect, while his daughter Tessa is in school and still missing the city. Carly Chaikin plays the glassy-eyed Dalia (seen above in a pink box). Allie Grant is there as unsmiling Lisa Marie Shay, surrounded by her parents (Ana Gasteyer and Chris Parnell). We also see Alan Tudyk as Noah Werner, looking ready for a round of golf. Cheryl Hines, who plays Dallas, is looking comfortable in the closet (with a shopping bag and a dress). And finally, there's Rex Lee as Mr. Wolfe, the school guidance counselor and one more piece to Tessa's suburban puzzle.

Given the very "us vs. them" theme of the Season 1 cast photo, I like that they're promoting Season 2 as more of an ensemble show, because that's one of the things that works about Suburgatory. Beyond the joke about how weird the suburbs might seem to two people from the city is a show about a bunch of quirky characters with mixed up priorities and mismatched baggage.

Suburgatory returns for Season 2 Wednesday, October 17 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Kelly West
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