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To say that Tom Fontana and Barry Levinson's previous television team-ups were memorable would be a bit of an understatement. Back in the early '90s, the pair were exec producers on Homicide: Life on the Street -- to this day still one of the best cop shows ever aired. A few years later they jumped to the other side of the legal system for HBO's brutal, unforgettable Oz, which followed prison life and gave J.K. Simmons one of the great screen villain roles as Vern Schillinger. Now Fontana and Levinson are joining forces again, this time to put together a cop drama for...the CW?

Yes, Deadline is reporting that the CW has purchased the pair's project Musketeers 3.0, which Fontana will write and which both he and Levinson will exec produce. Hopefully they'll replace the frankly horrible title before the thing sees air. Although now that we're on the subject, the description of the series itself doesn't exactly thrill me. Supposedly it will tell the story of three "out-of-control New York detectives" who suddenly have a sexy new rookie assigned to their team. I guess that's the whole Musketeer thing. 'cause there are three of them, see, and then a fourth one who for some reason doesn't count.

And there's not a single part of that that doesn't sound horribly bland and generic. Hopefully the talents of Fontana and Levinson will shape it into something memorable, because right now I couldn't be less interested. Out-of-control cops? Wow, I've never seen anything like that on TV! But wait -- then they team up with a sexy, young newbie? That's TV gold, baby!

Maybe for their follow-up project they'll do a show about sexy young doctors or quirky lawyers. Really venture out into the undiscovered country.