Total Blackout Preview: Contestants Are In The Dark In Syfy's New Game Show

The concept of Syfy’s upcoming new game show Total Blackout is certainly intriguing, and the presence of Jaleel White as host adds to the appeal in a nostalgic sort of way. While fear is a factor here, these clips sell something more funny than scary, as we watch people react to what they’re exposed to while in the dark.

What does this game show have to do with science fiction? Not much as far as I can tell, but putting that aside, the “extreme game show” looks like fun as it puts contestants in pitch-black situations for various challenges. In a couple of the clips below, we see people sticking their hands into a tank containing some mystery item. Of course, things what they appear... or don’t-appear.

This one made me laugh out loud...

And if you thought that woman was funny, here she is again, encountering another ferocious beast...

But it looks like things do get really creepy, and actual animals are involved...

There’s sort of a Fear Factor-vibe to the show, except in this case, some of the terror and discomfort these people are experiencing will be more in their minds than from what’s in front of them. And in other cases, they’re trapped in a tank with rats.

Total Blackout premieres Wednesday, April 25 at 10/9c on Syfy.

Kelly West
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