Urban Legends Preview: Syfy Plays Two Lies And A Truth

“…and when he woke up, he was in a tub full of ice and his kidneys were gone! Honest! It happened to the brother of this guy I know’s cousin…”

I’m sure we’ve all heard (and believed) at least one common urban legend. Syfy’s taking the concept and turning it into a series, giving viewers three stories and challenging them to figure out which one is true. We have a sneak preview of the premiere episode for you to check out.

The bulk of my childhood and adolescence took place prior to the internet going mainstream, so when someone told me that story about the woman who ate the tumor-filled chicken sandwich from McDonalds (or maybe it was Wendy’s), I believed it. I probably even told a few people and assured them that the story was totally true. Yeah, turns out, not so much (Thanks Snopes). Now-a-days, a quick internet search can disprove one of those stories, or today’s equivalent of them (email forwards). Syfy seems to be attempting to revive the concept with a new series, fittingly titled Urban Legends, which premieres Monday, April 18th at 10/9c.

Here’s part of the description for the series and further down is a clip, which features one of the stories that’s going to be reenacted and narrated for our viewing and speculating pleasure.

Each episode brings to life three amazing tall tales so wonderful and far-fetched, we're dying to believe in them. The stories are all presented as fact, skillfully pieced together from archival footage, dramatic reconstruction and interviews to look like convincing, genuine documentary reports. The twist is that while one of the stories is completely true, the other two are scripted and played by actors living out popular urban myths. Viewers are challenged to decide who the liars were and who was for real, offering an addictive format that tests the viewers’ gullibility, smarts and sense of humor.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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