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President Obama and Governor Romney faced off for the last time this week, in anticipation of the upcoming Presidential election. Comedy Central's Key & Peele addressed Obama and Romney's recent debate in a new Obama and Luther sketch, which has Jordan Peele playing the president, while Keegan-Michael Key plays Obama's trusted anger translator Luther.

In case you're unfamiliar with the sketch, Key & Peele's take on the president is that he's a reserved man who requires an anger translator to break things down for him and show us what he's really trying to say. That's where Luther comes in. Things actually get heated in this latest sketch as Luther seems to be even more worked up than usual, and so is Obama, who takes Luther by surprise near the end...

"Sweaty, smiley, never-gonna-be-president-looking motherfucker." - Obama
"What?!" - Luther
"Hey. Loosenin' up around here." - Obama
"And it's just about fuckin' time!" - Luther.

It seems Luther's attitude may have rubbed off on Obama a bit. Anticipating these Obama and Luther sketches has become part of the whole election season. If only Luther could have made an appearance at the actual debates. Check out the one that released last week here. And tune in for a new episode of Key & Peele tonight (Wednesday) at 10:30 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.