The seventh season of Weeds ended with a pretty major cliffhanger. Come July, we'll hopefully have the answers to the two burning questions. In the meantime, Showtime is having a little fun with us with these new teasers, which suggest there may be outside input seeping into the writers room.

Who shot who? That's the big question left unanswered at the end of Season 7 of Weeds. We saw the gun, and a table full of people. Was Nancy the target? And did the bullet hit her? If not who? And who pulled the trigger? From the teasers Showtime recently released for the new season, a janitor, a pizza delivery guy and a security guard may be offering their own input…

If we're nitpicking, the script the pizza guy snaps a picture of is from Season 6. Regardless, it's a funny tease that suggests everyone has a theory about who dun-it and who got it. We may get our answers (or at least, one of them) when Season 8 premieres on Showtime on Sunday, July 1.

Here's a separate teaser that focuses on the security guard's visit to the writer's room. She seems satisfied with her contribution…

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