Might as well get this out of the way: I don't watch soap operas. Probably because I'm not at home when they're on (although DVR makes that excuse less likely) and also because they are pretty much the most ridiculous thing on TV... besides reality television and awards shows. Recently, a few stars have been doing a little soap opera work, some returning to old roles like Julianne Moore (yes, actors do actually make it from soaps) and some, like James Franco, doing as a performance art piece (ie. for the fun of it).

And, as EW reports, it looks like another star will be returning to their lathery beginnings with Josh Duhamel once again becoming con artist Leo du Pres on All My Children. The soap is on it's last legs, airing it's final episode in September, and Duhamel's one or two episode cameo is scheduled for sometime in August. Since I couldn't even begin to describe the show or his character's back story, I'll revert to EW, "De Pres supposedly died in 2003 when trying to save Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) in a waterfall accident. His body, however, was never found which left open the possibility that his character would return to Pine Valley." Can't wait for this one!

For more on Duhamel's return as well as other soap stars turned actual stars (wow, that sounds mean) check out the full article on EW.

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