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NBC Cancels Bent, Awake And Two More

Today we learned that Parks and Recreations and Up All Night were renewed, and last night there was good news for Community. But it's not all good news for NBC. The ax fell for a number of the network's struggling freshman series, some more deserving of a second chance than others. Unfortunately, these ones won't be getting them.

Save This Show: NBC's Bent Deserves A Second Season

Bent shouldn't become one of those series that's briefly aired and then forgotten. These first six episodes should be the introduction to what could go on to be a solid series and one worth tuning into each week. It just needs a chance, some time to grow, and a time-slot that doesn't put it against American Idol, Criminal Minds and Modern Family all at once.

Save These Shows: 5 Struggling Series That Shouldn't Be Cancelled

Here at Cinema Blend, some of our writers consume quite a bit of TV every week. So, we asked them, if you could save one single program in danger of being cut, which one would it be? Not surprisingly, we received five very passionate and very different answers. This week, we’re going to allow each one to present his or her case to the network heads and to their fellow fans as to why it would be an absolute travesty if their choice was given its walking papers. Below, you’ll find a short preview of what to expect.

David Walton Signed On For CBS Pilot, But Will NBC's Bent Get Cancelled?

After deciding Bryan Greenberg just did not have the chops to pursue a role in a lighthearted comedy after acting in the much darker dramedy How to Make it in America on HBO, CBS has wasted no time in recasting Greenberg’s former role. Today, the eye network signed on Bent’s David Walton to play the lead in the still-untitled Greg Berlanti and Greg Malins joint project.

Bent Preview: A Peek At Amanda Peet And Jeffrey Tambor In NBC's New Comedy

As though Arrested Development didn’t give us enough reason to love Jeffrey Tambor, NBC gives us Bent, a comedy series that knows just what to do with the actor, and also makes great use of the rest of its cast.

Bent Review: Amanda Peet And David Walton Star In NBC's Funny New Comedy

NBC’s new comedy Bent is coming in late in the game for the 2011-2012 season, which makes the series seem more like an afterthought than a real contender. Perhaps that, and the limited promotions I’ve seen for the comedy are to blame for my general lack of enthusiasm going into the pilot. But I found myself pleasantly surprised, as Bent is well cast, smart, charming and funny.

Amanda Peet Signed On For NBC Pilot

It’s been a few years since Amanda Peet’s had a starring role on a TV series, however it seems as though her next one may be just around the corner as she’s set to star in an NBC comedy pilot.

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