Newly Oscar anointed writer William Monahan knows a good thing when he sees it. Writing for Leonardo DiCaprio got him an Academy Award, so he’s likely more than happy to do it again. The Hollywood Reporter says that Monahan and DiCaprio will get back to working together on a Warner Brothers movie called Confessions of Pain.

The film is a crime mystery about a cop and a private detective who team up to solve the murder of the police officer’s father-in-law. Like The Departed, it’s a remake of a Hong Kong movie. In fact, the original was created by Alan Mak, Andrew Lau and Felix Chong, the same guys who first came up with Infernal Affairs, the movie Departed was based on. Clearly Monahan has a thing for re-treading their work.

DiCaprio will star in the film, and produce it through his Appian Way production company. Monahan is also supposed to be working on at least one Departed sequel. Whether DiCaprio will also be in that, remains up in the air.

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