Video: 3 Inglourious Basterds Clips

By Josh Tyler 2009-05-20 00:41:25discussion comments
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We have three kickass new clips from Quentin Tarantino’s new movie Inglourious Basterds. What you won’t see in them is a lot of Nazi killing, but you will experience great dialogue. This is after all a Tarantino movie and the only thing he loves more than rampant violence is lots of gritty, gutsy talking. The first clip in particular, though the shortest, is pretty badass. It features Nazi bad guy Hans Landa telling a helpless Jew what he thinks of their race. When Landa talks it sounds exactly like Werner Herzog narrating Grizzly Man, which, only makes the whole thing that much more awesome.

Watch all three new clips for Inglourious Basterds below:

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