Bobby Brown Leaves Whitney's Funeral After Being Asked To Move

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Following Whitney Houstonís tragic passing, her family members reportedly waffled on whether or not to invite the singerís ex-husband Bobby Brown to the funeral. The former coupleís marital problems were well-documented, and many of those closest to Houston reportedly still blame him for her drug-induced fall from grace. That lingering resentment, coupled with worry over a potential scene, made the decision a particularly difficult one, but ultimately, family members elected to take the high road and extend him an invitation. Whether or not they now regret that decision is unknown.

Brown did show up to Houstonís funeral today with his new family, but he didnít end up staying very long. In fact, sources estimate he was only in the building for about twenty minutes before he packed up and left mid-service. According to CNN. the New Edition singer blamed his early exodus on being asked by ushers to move three separate times. After he was denied the ability to speak with his daughter, a visibly angry Brown reportedly decided to blow a kiss to Whitneyís casket and leave rather than push the matter further. The Reverend Al Sharpton supposedly tried to play peacekeeper, but his efforts couldn't stop Brown from leaving. I'm not sure anyone could have prevented this mess anyway given how far back all of this negativity traces its roots to.

Regardless of how much damage Bobby and Whitney may have done to each other while they were together, thereís little doubt that they really did love each other in their own ways. I wish all the hard feelings could have been put aside today, but death canít always bring everyone together.

Pop Blendís thoughts go out to Houstonís entire family, which, yes, includes Brown.
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