Bon Jovi Guitarist Richie Sambora Bails On Tour

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Apart from bassist Alec John Such departing in í94, Bon Jovi has more or less stayed in tact for the past thirty years. Thatís an impressive amount of togetherness for such a group of musicians, but that doesnít mean the guys havenít had plenty of ups and downs over the last three decades. In fact, it seems like theyíre about to enter another down period right now.

According to The Daily Mail, Bon Jovi took the stage more than forty-five minutes late in Canada last night with an intern because longtime guitarist Richie Sambora suddenly and unexpectedly quit the groupís Because We Can tour. No one involved in the situation has released any specific word on what the hell may have happened other than it's "personal", but the musician isnít exactly known for his sound decision-making skills. Heís been to rehab on several occasions, and a fill-in has been used in the past when he was unable to fulfill his tour obligations. That being said, no one has said rehab, drugs or alcohol at this point; so, for all we know, it could be a family emergency or jury duty or anything else that could occupy a grown manís time for a few months.

Bon Jovi is planning to tour pretty extensively until the end of July with an yet unnamed replacement. Sambora is expected to miss all of the early dates in the United States in Canada, but when they guys take the show on the road to Europe and Africa, itís possible he will rejoin his brothers. Weíll keep you updated. Until then, hereís to hoping whenever Richie returns, heís healthy and ready to work.
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