Bryan Singer Denies Sex Abuse Allegations, Won't Promote X-Men

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago
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In the wake of the sexual misconduct allegations, Bryan Singerís first reaction was to hire an attorney and proceed with caution. Now, about a week after the scandal first broke, heís been given the greenlight to make an official statement. Not surprisingly, heís used that opportunity to categorically deny he did anything whatsoever wrong.

The official text has been circulating for the last few hours. You can check out the entirety of the statement, courtesy of Variety belowÖ
ďThe allegations against me are outrageous, vicious and completely false. I do not want these fictitious claims to divert ANY attention from X-Men: Days of Future Past. This fantastic film is a labor of love and one of the greatest experiences of my career. So, out of respect to all of the extraordinary contributions from the incredibly talented actors and crew involved, Iíve decided not to participate in the upcoming media events for the film. However, I promise when this situation is over, the facts will show this to be the sick twisted shake down it is. I want to thank fans, friends and family for all their amazing and overwhelming support.Ē

The allegations in question center around a 31-year-old man named Michael Egan. He claims Singer and a handful of other Hollywood insiders repeatedly sexually abused him and took advantage of him while he was in high school in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He alleges they forced him to drink and do drugs and threatened to derail his dreams of being a model and actor if he didnít agree to be sodomized and touched. In California, the statute of limitations has long since run out, but according to the victim, some of the abuse happened during a trip to Hawaii. Since the Aloha State recently changed the laws to allow abuse victims to file old lawsuits, Egan was still able to formally accuse Bryan Singer.

Rumors are swirling that Singer will be able to prove he was on the set of X-Men when the abuse supposedly happened in Hawaii, but at this point, none of that alleged documentation has been made public. So, for now, itís only one giant mess thatís really, really sad.

As mentioned in his statement, the director will take some time away from publicizing X-Men, but given the marketing budget, thatís unlikely to have a huge effect on the filmís bottom line.

Weíll keep you updated on this case as it moves forward.
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