Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape Crashed Vivid's Website

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Itíll be weeks or even months before Vivid is able to properly forecast how much money it will make off of Farrah Abrahamís sex tape, but given what happened yesterday, the website may shockingly already be in the black. Over the course of twelve hours on Monday, more than two million people hit up Vividís website to check out Backdoor Teen Mom, which was enough to crash the porn giantís website(NSFW) for nine minutes.

According to TMZ, Vividís record for a porn debut prior to Monday was, obviously, Kim Kardashian and Ray Jís. Their tape supposedly lured 600,000 visitors during its first twelve hours. Farrah apparently did more than two million, which is either collectively embarrassing for society or pretty damn impressive for her earning power. Either way, it makes it seem like she wasnít way off base when she initially asked for two million dollars.

Of course, the true testament to the Kardashian sex tape has been how long it has lasted. The reason why it made her a star and continues to be so profitable is because people keep showing up to watch it. Just because Farrahís tape had a big, splashy debut doesnít mean itís going to go on to outsell any of the classic offerings. In fact, I would be very surprised if it did.

If Vivid released any updated sales figures after a week or a month, we will let you know what they are. Until then, if you feel like adding to Vividís incredible haul, feel free to hop over to the companyís website and check out Backdoor Teen Mom.
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