Linda Hogan Pleads Not Guilty To Driving Under The Influence

By Mack Rawden 2013-02-28 16:02:38
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Legendary pro wrestler Hulk Hogan never met a fight he didnít like. Apparently, his ex-wife Linda Hogan is the same way. The former reality star was in court this morning, and she pled not guilty to one charge of driving under the influence despite the fact that she blew a .084 when she was pulled over back in October.

According to TMZ, Lindaís attorney claims thereís a whole lot more to this situation than first meets the eye. Apparently, she attended a jewelry event in Malibu while she was a bit under the weather. She took some antibiotics and headed over to the event without eating. While there, she allegedly downed one glass of champagne and later got in her car and drove home. If Linda and her defense team are to be believed, the combination of an empty stomach, antibiotics and alcohol really did a number on her, which is why they think she shouldnít be treated like some random woman who got drunk and got behind the wheel.

Unfortunately for Linda, .08 tends to be one of those hard numbers that youíre either over or under. The specific circumstances are rarely taken into account, and in this case, itís highly unlikely sheíll be cut a break if she decides to go to trial. If she reconsiders her not guilty plea and settles, however, itís likely sheíll just get a slap on the wrist. With no previous alcohol incidents and this sob story, itís hard to imagine they would choose her to make an example out of.

Weíll keep you updated as this case progresses toward trial.
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