If you lined up every Hollywood celebrity in order from weirdest to least weird, both Zach Galifianakis and James Franco would be pretty damn close to the front of the pack on the weirdos side. If you lined up every regularly produced show on the Internet from weirdest to least weird, Between Two Ferns might be the clubhouse leader for weirdness. Consequently, anyone paying attention to life knew we’d be in for some straight up fucking weirdness when Franco agreed to be interviewed by Galifianakis on Between Two Ferns, but I’m not sure anyone was quite prepared for the Lonely Island song we wound up getting.

After a few minutes of awkward bantering in the above video, Zach kicks it over to his musical guest, the Lonely Island, for a tribute to spring break. Part frat anthem about crushing pussy and bonging beers and part pro gay marriage song about spending your life with a member of the same sex, the track, in theory, spins its wheels in different directions, but because it never breaks character, it has a very persuasive tone to it, as if it’s telling people going on vacation, getting drunk with the bros and then marrying a dude is among the more normal activities in the world.

The world won’t change until unexpected people stand up and support gay marriage. From frat brothers to Christians to Southern Republicans to older people, the most unexpected voices often ring the loudest. Someday there will be equality for everyone. Here’s to hoping it happens sooner rather than later.



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