New Zealand is super proud to be hosting The Hobbit films, just as the country was super proud to have Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films shot within the country’s boundaries. The country is not above capitalizing on the enterprises, however, and the New Zealand government will be releasing commemorative The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey coins that will feature characters from the upcoming flick.

The coins will come in various sets featuring various characters. Each of the coins could actually work as real money within the country; however, collectors are not going to want to use them as such. According to the NZ Post, the various coin sets will run from the “Brilliant Uncirculated Coin,” which will cost buyers $29.90 to the “Premium Gold Coin” set, which features three coins legitimately minted from gold that will cost avid fans $10,995. The nicer gold and silver sets are so collectible, they will come in their own carved wooden boxes that look pretty plush.

Despite the high cost of these, it’s no surprise the Post would make something like the coins available. Everyone likes a good collectible, and with Peter Jackson bringing a big tourist bump to the country, the coins seem to be a good homage (or at least a fine moneymaker). If you want to see how excited New Zealanders can get over Middle-earth, check out LOTR: The Return of The King Extended Edition.

Fans can pre-order now for a November release.

Photo credit @NZ Post



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