Lenny Clarke Joins NBC Chelsea Handler Adaptation

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago discussion comments
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Lenny Clarke Joins NBC Chelsea Handler Adaptation image
Iíve always liked affable Boston comedian Lenny Clarke. His no-nonsense tone and aggressive delivery make him an ideal stand-up comedian, but itís that same bluntness thatís perhaps prevented him from becoming a big star in Hollywood. Still, now and again, a role comes along that seems like it was written specifically for him. Thatís the case with the new Chelsea Handler adaptation Are You There Vodka? Itís Me Chelsea.

According to Deadline, Clark has been cast as the protagonistís dad, a straight shooter who likes boozing nearly as much as telling it like he sees it. No word on how much of a regular fixture Clarke might be if this makes it to series, but his presence seems like a nice one-two punch alongside former That 70s Show actress Laura Preponís take on the cocktail waitress main character.

With NBC struggling and the source material selling so many copies, thereís a pretty solid chance this will end up making the networkís fall schedule. If it doesnít, assume something went very haywire with the pilot.
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