TNT Goes West With New Series Gateway From Band Of Brothers Writer

By David Wharton 5 years ago discussion comments
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TNT Goes West With New Series Gateway From Band Of Brothers Writer image
TNT has a long history with the Western genre, having been home to projects such as the Spielberg-backed miniseries Into the West (pictured above) and quite a few horse dramas starring Tom Selleck. Now Deadline reports that the network is embracing this tradition yet again with a new Western series called Gateway.

The period action/adventure series is the brainchild of Bruce C. McKenna and Danny Cannon, with McKenna having written the script and the pair of them serving as exec producers. McKenna has honed his craft on projects like Spielbergís (thereís that name again) WWII miniseries Band of Brothers and The Pacific. Cannon has directed for tons of series including Nikita and the various CSI incarnations. TNT has given the show a pilot order thatís contingent on casting.

Everybody knows that Hollywood loves nothing more than to jump on a concept all at once, so itís not surprising that Gateway comes along around the same time as AMCís upcoming Western series, Hell on Wheels. While that show will center around the Union Pacific Railroad, Gateway will pit three brothers against the evil cattle baron what murdered their pa. Taking a page from Deadwood, Gateway takes its name from the town where it will be set.

Itís an exciting time for fans of period dramas right now, because the TV landscape is absolutely chockablock with them at the moment. Call it the Mad Men effect, but weíve got two separate new series looking to mine that same era (NBCís The Playboy Club and ABCís Pan Am. The cable networks offer vicarious vacations to eras like ancient Rome (Starzís Spartacus) and Prohibition-era Atlantic City (Boardwalk Empire). Sure, not all of the newbies will survive (or will deserve to), but itís a welcome alternative to the usual spate of cop/hospital/family dramas. Go west, young man.
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