Watch 17-Minutes Behind The Scenes Of The Walking Dead

By Josh Tyler 6 years ago discussion comments
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Watch 17-Minutes Behind The Scenes Of The Walking Dead image
Even as someone who is pretty much burned out on the whole zombie thing, I知 excited about The Walking Dead. Directed by Frank Darabont the movie takes the standard end of the world by zombies thing seriously, and turns it into an entire series. We池e used to seeing movies, in which a group of people deal with the zombie problem for a few hours, but what would it really be like to live in a post-apocalyptic world? We値l get to see it, once a week hopefully for years to come.

Until the show debuts on AMC this Halloween, I知 eating up everything AMC has to offer on the subject, and so should you. And if you池e excited about The Walking Dead it doesn稚 get much better than this: A massive, 17 minute behind the scenes special focused on The Walking Dead. The video below includes new footage from the show, incredible footage from the set, and extensive interviews with everyone involved. It痴 a must watch.

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