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Treme's Final Season Trailer is Here and We're Excited

"We love this city but it needs to love us back." These chilling words beat through the overcoming soul of New Orleans, one of the most magical and entrancing places in America. Never before was it captured as well as in the HBO series Treme. And in the trailer released today for its fourth and final season, the world is a different place. It's a mix of darkness and beauty on display, coupled with the honest-to-goodness hardships and realities of life in its post-Katrina world.

Treme Season 3 Preview: HBO's New Orleans Drama Returns This Fall

When Treme’s Season 3 premiere date was set earlier this month, the HBO’s program’s announcement was overshadowed a bit by sister channel’s Boardwalk Empire premiere announcement. Now, the New Orleans-based show is getting its own moment in the spotlight, thanks to HBO’s first trailer for the new season.

Boardwalk Empire And Treme Season 3 Premiere Dates Set

Boardwalk Empire was already given 12 episodes to complete its third season. That happens to be a couple more hours of content than Treme is getting, which may explain why the prohibition era drama will premiere at a slightly earlier date.

HBO's Treme Will Be Finished After Season 4

Treme has gone through some ups and downs in its two seasons. Not only have the characters had to struggle with interpersonal problems and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, but low ratings have plagued the show. Though Treme has a loyal and critical fan base, for fans, learning Treme would be picked up for not only a third, but also a fourth season was probably a bit of a relief. Now, however, Treme creator David Simon has confirmed that Season 4 will mark the end of the HBO show.

HBO Picks Up Second Season of Treme

Treme’s harsh and honest look at post-Katrina life in New Orleans gave viewers and critics (including yours truly) jonesing for a little more David Simon (The Wire) magic, a decent sized fix

Producer And Writer David Mills Dies At 48

At the age of 48, while working on the forthcoming HBO series Treme, which he was attached to as head writer and executive producer, David Mills passed collapsed on the set and passed away from a brain aneurysm

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