The Big Bang Theory Watch: The Zarnecki Incursion

The Big Bang Theory has been making attempts at telling articulate stories over a few episodes, and tonight it hit an important mark. By infusing their characters with motivation, the writers created people with whom we could easily identify. The dispositions of each character were clear and succinct, and they stood for something that went beyond just this one particular chapter.

The Big Bang Theory Watch: The Toast Derivation

While Leonard’s and Sheldon’s apartment has become a great haven for geekery on Thursday nights, it’s nice to know that these characters can comfortably exist elsewhere.

The Big Bang Theory Watch: The Benefactor Factor

Sometimes, it's us versus the world. Unfortunately for our nerds on The Big Bang Theory, this is their unending reality

The Big Bang Theory Watch: The Thespian Catalyst

While the writers most likely decided to take this moment to clarify Raj’s sexuality by infusing him with fantasies of his best friend’s girlfriend, I found it insensitive towards both of them

The Big Bang Theory Watch: The Love Car Displacement

In just a few minutes, they captured the essence of travelling long distance with friends. They had moments of miscommunication, irritability, aloofness, and overall enjoyment

The Big Bang Theory Watch: The Bus Pants Utilization

One complaint that often disfigures The Big Bang Theory’s reputation is that the show is ironically not geeky enough. By taking a comedic approach that generalizes geekdom, the series appeases the common television viewer

The Big Bang Theory Watch: The Justice League Recombination

And so, when ushering in the new year as winners of the costume contest, Penny and Zack share a kiss. More importantly, Penny and Leonard share a glance that speaks voluminously against the festive celebrations

The Big Bang Theory Watch: The 21-Second Excitation

New regulars Bernadette and Amy are impacting the show’s comedy with such contrasting charm that episodes such as tonight’s would have seemed so foreign to the show’s structure years ago

The Big Bang Theory Watch: The Apology Insufficiency

Penny’s absence has been the series’ first adversary this season, and they have handled it as well as they could for as long as they could. However, we need her back soon

The Big Bang Theory Watch: The Hot Troll Deviation

When The Big Bang Theory takes the time to unmask Howard's delusional self-esteem, by attributing his conceit to the awareness that he truly is just a child, I can gladly commend the show.

The Big Bang Theory Watch: The Zassy Substitution

The dynamic of our family of nerds transformed with Amy’s frustrating existence, and her relationship with the family’s black sheep only exacerbated things.

The Big Bang Theory Watch: The Cruciferious Vegetable Amplification

Sheldon’s virtual-self provided an adorable and shrewd sight gag, surprisingly pervading the entire episode without feeling too constrained or hollow

The Big Bang Theory Watch: The Robotic Manipulation

The premiere uniquely demonstrated that underneath Sheldon’s intelligence and resulting condescension lies a level of overall misunderstanding and innocence

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