Alan Wake Will Get Post-Launch DLC

After you finish Alan Wake, the party won't be over just yet. Remedy is planning to release downloadable content for the game.

New Zelda Wii Title Will Improve On Twilight Princess

So it's no secret that a majority of Zelda fans were let down by Twilight Princess, with it basically being the Nintendo Wii's version of Ocarina of Time and all. Zelda bossman, Eiji Aonuma, recently held an interview where he stated that the developers “were going to build upon Twilight Princess.

Gearbox Trademarks Borderworlds

With the massive early success of Gearbox's Borderlands, it's pretty inevitable that the developer is going to capitalize on that success by making multiple sequels. Case in point, it's being reported that Gearbox has trademarked the title “Borderworlds.”

PSN To Get Subscription Service?

Could Sony be doing the unthinkable? Could the mega-developer be gearing up to start charging for their now-free Playstation Network? It appears that way, according to a slide-show presentation at one of Sony's latest “Media/Investor Conferences.”

Next Metroid Prime Title To Be DS Only?

Metroid Prime isn't ready to fade in oblivion just yet. However, the next installment might not be on the Wii.

Facebook Coming To The PS3 Via Firmware Update 3.10

Are you a Playstation 3 owner who’s a little perturbed about your favorite social networking sites going to the “dark side” (which is Microsoft if you can’t figure that out)? Well fret no more…well, at least don’t fret as much.

Multiplayer Details For SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3

In the past, SOCOM titles have been a pretty big hit on the PSP and it’s looking like SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 will be no different. Mark Rogers, producer for the game, recently detailed some of the games multiplayer aspects and features for the upcoming PSP third person shooter.

FFXIV Beta Codes To Be Packaged With FFXIII Release In Japan

Are you a Final Fantasy fanboy? Do you have some uncontrollable desire to play the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV title? Well, Square Enix has just the thing for you!

Activision Files Trademark For Drum Hero

As if the world didn’t have enough music games, Activision has recently filed a trademark for Drum Hero.

WiiWare Demo Service On The Way

Nintendo bossman, Satoru Iwata, announced today that the mega-developer will begin offering game demos for select WiiWare titles starting this month.

Sony Releases God of War Collection Trophies List

The God of War Collection pack has officially gone gold and to celebrate this momentous occasion, Sony has released all the trophies that will be available in the games.

Assassin's Creed 2 Achievements/Trophies List Revealed

You can always tell a game is getting ready to be released when the achievement/trophy list has been leaked online. This, of course, is the case with Assassin’s Creed 2.

Rumor: Elder Scrolls 5 Set 200 Years After Oblivion

If recent reports are correct, the next Elder Scrolls title will be set long after the fourth installment, Oblivion. Two hundred years to be exact.

Rumor: Fable III To Use Natal

Considering Molyneux's cheerleading for Project Natal, it may come as no shock that Fable III will support the new tech. Still pretty cool to have it confirmed, though.

Black Wiimotes Coming In November

November 16, mark it down. It's the day you Wii fanboys get diversified. Nintendo has announced this is the US release date for the black Wiimote.

Red Steel 2 Given Late February Early March Release Date

Good news for you Red Steel 2 fans, the game's creative director, Jason Vandenberghe, recently revealed in a interview that the sequel is slated for a February or March 2010 release date.

Sony Set To Offer Digital Game Rentals Via The PSP?

Today more evidence has emerged in favor of Sony getting ready to offer digital video game rentals via the PSP.

Modern Warfare 2 PC Version Delayed

Bad news for all you PC Call of Duty players. Earlier today Infinity Ward announced that the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 would be delayed a couple of weeks past it's expected release date of November 10.

Review: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

The bar for superhero games was set high by Batman: Arkham Asylum back in August and perhaps I was expecting too much from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Considering the game's excellent source material, you would have thought the developers would actually take their time with this one and make sure they got it right.

HBO Files Trademark For True Blood Game

Vampire fans rejoice! HBO has filed a trademark for a video game based off the wildly popular vampire television series, True Blood.

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