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Falling Skies Watch: Episode 8 - What Hides Beneath

For the past five weeks, I've tuned into Falling Skies not expecting much more than a fun sci-fi show with a heart and some solid action scenes. I never really expected the series to thrill or move me in any significant way, especially during this first season. But that changed this week

Falling Skies Watch: Episode 6 - Sanctuary, Part 1

Falling Skies carried on with its usual uneven pattern of forced sentimentality and expert suspense with this week's game-changing episode, the first of a two-parter. This hour was all setup for what's to come next week, but 'Sanctuary, Part 1' still proved to be one of the most interesting and intriguing episodes of the season.

Warehouse 13 Season 3 Premiere Watch: The New Guy

Warehouse 13 returned with renewed vigor and a lightning-fast pace; the show felt faster, funnier, and geekier than ever before. It's good to have this screwy, nerdy, and endlessly entertaining series back on the air – it finally feels like the summer TV season is a go!

Falling Skies Watch: Episode 5 - Silent Kill

Falling Skies works best when the story centers on Tom (Noah Wyle) and his three sons. Correction -- the show works best when the story centers on Tom and his oldest son, Hal (Drew Roy). From the very beginning, the heart of the show has always been Tom's relationship with Hal

Falling Skies Watch: Episode 4 - Grace

We learned more about the Skitters and their creepy connection to Earth's children on one of the most intriguing and disturbing episodes of TNT's Falling Skies yet. But before we dive into the episode's plot, I want to bring up something that's been bugging me about this show from the start.

Warehouse 13 Preview: Meet The New Guy

I have high hopes for season three of Warehouse 13, premiering July 11th on Syfy. I've been following the show since its premiered in 2009, and I've grown quite attached to its band of wacky characters, especially Eddie McClintock's Pete, Saul Rubinek's Artie, and Claudia, played by nerdy hottie Alison Scagliotti.

Denis Leary Developing Comedy Sirens For USA Network

Rescue Me is coming to an end this year, but Dennis Leary is already making plans to continue his TV producing career. The comedian and star/co-creator of FX's bold firefighter drama has signed to develop USA's Sirens.

Falling Skies Starts Strong, But Will Viewers Stay Hooked?

Falling Skies earned solid ratings numbers for its series premiere, suggesting that TV viewers are still hungry for quality, arc-driven sci-fi. The TNT drama, produced by Steven Spielberg, earned 5.9 million viewers for its two-hour series opener on Sunday night.

Falling Skies Premiere Watch: Live And Learn, The Armory

Falling Skies, the new alien invasion series produced by Steven Spielberg (and other people), dropped us right in the middle of the action during its solid, if not amazing, two-hour series premiere. There was no cryptic buildup to the Earth-shattering events that define the show's world, and there was no stale origin story to eat up the first half hour.

Shatner Heads To Psych For Con Man Role

Call it a match made in tongue-in-cheek TV heaven: William Shatner is headed to Psych. The former Captain Kirk, or Denny Crane to you Boston Legal fans, has signed to guest star on one episode of the clever USA dramedy, which returns to the cable network next fall.

MTV To Preview Quarterlife

MTV, the network that resurrected My So-Called Life for a new generation, will help launch Life producers Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick's upcoming NBC series Quarterlife. MTV plans to air a 22-minute preview of Quarterlife at 4:30 p.m. ET on Feb. 26, hours before the series debuts on NBC.

Lost Producers Working On 5 New Episodes

The Writers Strike is over and the networks are announcing post-strike plans and return dates for several shows. That's great, but the question a lot of us want answered is ... what's going to happen to Lost now that the writers are back? There are plans to produce at least five more season four episodes by May.

TV Recap: The Wire - The Dickensian Aspect

The bullshit McNulty was selling — and everyone was buying — last week only served to spit shine Mayor Carcetti's image with the press this week. Thanks to McNulty and Freamon's bogus serial killer, Carcetti got the chance to act like a leader with a cause.

Joshua Jackson Lands Leading Role On Abrams' Fringe

Pacey scores again. Former Dawson's Creek cast member Joshua Jackson just landed a leading role in JJ Abrams' upcoming Fox sci-fi drama Fringe. Jackson, who played the Katie Holmes-loving Pacey for six years on Creek, will take on the role of misfit genius Peter Bishop.

Listen To Lost Recap Rock

A band called Previously on Lost is recording musical episode recaps of new Lost eps and posting them on its MySpace page. So far, the Brooklyn band has only posted one musical recap about last week's season premiere, but fans should expect more.

More Cast Changes For Stargate Atlantis

The cast changes keep coming for Sci Fi Channel's Stargate Atlantis. Veteran sci-fi actor Robert Picardo has been cast to replace Amanda Tapping as commander of the Atlantis expedition. Other Stargate vets are also slated to return in Season Five.

TV Recap: The Wire - React Quotes

This ep had me asking myself ... Who’s worse? McNulty or Templeton? The two biggest b.s. artists on The Wire formed an unofficial alliance that finally got McNulty's bogus serial killer a front page headline and Templeton a so-called story with legs.

Sci Fi Picks Up Tapping's Web-Based Sanctuary

It looks like the Writers Strike-inflicted networks will air more than reruns and reality shows this year. Some are looking to the Web for new dramatic content. First NBC picked up Quarterlife, the Web drama from My So-Called Life producers Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick.

TV Recap: The Wire - Transitions

Omar's back and Prop. Joe's dead. Cold-blooded Marlo is making big, bloody waves, and with the backing of the Greeks and an unflinching crew, it looks he might rule the streets by the time The Wire shuts down for business. Still, it's hard to shake the feeling that Omar might get the chance to aim that sawed-off shotgun at his skinny rival's head.

Lord Of The Rings Baddie Joins Abrams' Fringe

Actor John Noble is now officially part of the upcoming JJ Abrams-produced Fox sci-fi series Fringe. The actor will play an "eccentirc research scientist" who teams up with a a young female FBI agent to investigate "unexplained phenomena." (Yeah, I think it sounds a lot like The X-Files too.)

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