Jessica Chastain's Eve Loses Director After Massive Backlash

The project and Chastain herself faced major criticism for hiring a director with a troublesome past.

Jason Statham Has Some Blunt Thoughts About This Less Bloody Version Of The Meg

The star of the film offers up his thoughts on the amount of blood he prefers in a giant shark movie.

One Sign Crazy Rich Asians Could Be A Surprise Hit At The Box Office

There are reasons to believe that Jon M. Chu's film could live up to the 'crazy rich' part of its name and be a sleeper hit at the box office.

Slash Visited The Deadpool 2 Set, And Created Huge Spoiler Risks

The legendary Guns N' Roses guitarist showed up on set to the sequel film and fan fervor that ensued almost resulted in Deadpool 2's biggest secret being spoiled.

Spider-Man 3's Topher Grace Isn't Sure Why He Got The Role Of Venom

Even Topher Grace wasn't sure why he was cast as the physically imposing Eddie Brock in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3.

Why Disney And Fox Haven't Announced Their Plans For The Merger

Although the deal has been approved by shareholders, what the future holds for the merged company is still a mystery.

What Star Wars: Episode 9 Needs To Do To Bring Closure To The Skywalker Saga

With J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode IX confirmed as the final installment in the Skywalker Saga, there are certain things it must do to bring proper closure to this beloved series.

Google Accidentally Mixed Up Solo: A Star Wars Story With A Different Solo

And no, the search engine doesn't think that this is a movie about red plastic cups.

Disney's Bob Iger Talks No Star Wars On Disney's Streaming Service Early On

Disney's upcoming streaming service will not be the exclusive home for Star Wars, at least not in the beginning.

Is Marvel Really Throwing Out James Gunn's Guardians 3 Script?

An unconfirmed rumor posits that Marvel won't be using James Gunn's finished script for the Phase 4 film.

6 Awesome Movies In Theaters Right Now That Need Your Support

Sure, you could go see Mission: Impossible Fallout for the third time, and who could blame you. But there are plenty of other great movies now playing that offer something different and deserve some support.

That Time Ruby Rose Nearly Drowned On The Set Of The Meg

Although there was no shark, the actress had a real terrifying experience during filming.

MoviePass' First Movie Will Star Bruce Willis

In addition to the beleaguered subscription service, MoviePass is also producing its own films, the next of which will star Bruce Willis.

Not Even Deadpool 2's Cast Knew About Ryan Reynolds' Surprise Role

The star behind the Merc with a mouth played another huge role in Deadpool 2 and one that was a secret not only to fans, but also to the cast of the film.

See Eighth Grade For Free, Thanks To A24

You can check out the incredibly relevant, honest and funny film for free this Wednesday.

You Can't Unsee The New Venom With Eyes Memes

Witness the power of pupils on the menacing comic book anti-hero.

Robert Redford Retiring After His Next Film, The Old Man And The Gun

The legendary actor is ready to ride off into the sunset.

The Wild Reason Christopher Robin Won't Screen In China

Winnie the Pooh joins Deadpool in the illustrious club of characters whose movies won't screen in China.

Star Wars: Episode IX Has More Carrie Fisher Footage To Use Than We Initially Thought

J.J. Abrams and company will have a little bit more Leia footage to work with than we thought, hopefully enabling them to craft a fitting end to her story and the Skywalker saga.

How Many People Have Already Joined AMC's MoviePass Competitor

As MoviePass continues to struggle, AMC's competing service is seeing its fortunes rise.

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