Dwayne Johnson Spent Time With Make A Wish Kids On The Set Of Jungle Cruise

We often talk about how prolific Dwayne Johnson is, about how every day seems to bring news of a new film that he's involved with (Today? Check). It is incredibly impressive how many projects the actor is working on at any given moment, while he still manages to find time to hit the gym like a madman, spend time with his family, and be the savviest social media user out there. But more impressive than his work ethic or the number of upcoming credits on IMDb is how much he gives back with his time, using his fame to brighten the lives of others. To that end, Johnson is currently filming Jungle Cruise based on the Disney attraction, and he spent time with Make-A-Wish kids on set. Take a look:

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Scrolling through these pictures on The Rock's Instagram you can see how much fun he has doing this, and more than that how much this means to the kids and their parents that are participating in Make-A-Wish Day. Dwayne Johnson is the biggest movie star in the world, and probably about as close as someone can get to being a real life superhero to these kids. So for him to spend time with them signing autographs, joking around, and taking pictures shows that sometimes you should meet your heroes.

As Dwayne Johnson mentions, these families have been through a lot, so making them smile is a big deal. He says that this is the best part of fame, and when he does stuff like this you can't argue that he doesn't deserve all the fame he's earned. Of course, this is par for the course for Johnson, who has often shown over the years his willingness to surprise his fans and go above and beyond for them.

What's cool about this too is that these kids got to visit Dwayne Johnson while he was in costume filming a movie that they will all hopefully get to see. Jungle Cruise is based on the ride that was an opening day attraction at Disneyland, and now has versions in Disney's parks all around the world. Dwayne Johnson will play a boat captain in the film, which will be a period piece set in the Amazon in the 1920's. Jungle Cruise is directed by The Shallows' Jaume Collet-Serra, and also stars Emily Blunt, Jesse Plemons, Paul Giamatti, Edgar Ramirez and Jack Whitehall. With any luck this movie will be more Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and less Tomorrowland, and hopefully it maintains some of the ride's cheesy and punny humor.

The world famous Jungle Cruise leaves the docks and floats down the river to theater screens on October 11, 2019. Check out our guide for movies still heading to theaters this year and for all the latest on making wishes come true, keep it locked to CinemaBlend.

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