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Batman: Arkham Origins Ditches GFWL For Steamworks

Developers and publishers (mostly publishers) are finally waking up and realizing that the maggot software disease that masquerades as a profile service is actually grade-A crap. Who knew? Rocksteady, realizing that GFWL is broken to its core, announced that Batman: Arkham Origins will be ditching GFWL and in its place they will be using Valve's Steamworks. Thank you.

Asking an AAA studio to abandon DRM altogether would be like asking the Catholic church to get rid of priests who like fondling underage boys... it's just not going to happen. However, there are some concessions that can be made and Rocksteady is at least reaching out to the gaming community and listening to the pleas for recourse and cries of pain.

Blogger Chest caught wind of the change that had been running rampant as a rumor in the inner circles of gamedom. According to the site, Rocksteady made the change around the time Microsoft announced that they would be shutting down the Games for Windows Marketplace. Hence, there were two conditions in which Rocksteady made the change...

Installation problems by using Games For Windows live(experienced by the players for the last two games).Multiplayer component present in Batman Arkham Origins.

That first part is exceptionally interesting because legit customers on the support forums were crying and whining for a fix and there was nothing... nothing at all. The GFWL support section was completely devoid of any actual support, which is just a joke. The person who came up with that design and decided to abandon the service should be fired.

It's funny that they knew about this problem (a problem mind you, that prevents you from saving your game, hence you can never beat the game nor can you access any of your premium DLC) but did nothing about it. In this case, they employed a DRM (digital rights management) service that did absolutely nothing but impede legitimate consumers from accessing the game.

Think about that for a second: you try to help the dev out, pay for the game legitimately and you can't even play the game. If you pirate the game you can play it, save your game and access the DLC with ease. WTF kind of moron thought it was okay to use GFWL when paying customers couldn't even access the content but pirates could? Idiots.

Anyway, the multiplayer for Arkham Origins looks pretty cool and it would be shame that a bunch of paying gamers are left out because of that worthless GFWL.

Warner Bros is currently peddling the pre-order bonuses and collector's editions leading up to its release on October 25th for home consoles and PC. You can learn more by paying a visit to the game's official website.

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